domingo, 28 de noviembre de 2010

If I go to London....

I think than there are many places interesting in London. I’d like to know The Camden Market, because almost always those places have some of each culture. In general I like the market. But, I would have liked to know when there were street sellers. I think than those causing an impression of “typical”.
Other interesting places are the museum. Above all “The Madame Tussaudy Museum”. Would be interested to see celebrities in wax. I would like can to see to celebrities like U2, Guns and Rosses, Elvis Presley, in wax. Or political characters like the president of somebody countries, like Chavez, or Fidel Castro (I think than this is impossible)
The “Natural History Museum” is very interesting too.  Really is very wonderful. In the Web Site I could see than is a big place, with many information and illustration. I don’t know if in Chile there are something like this. Is interesting cause we can planing an family activity or with our classmates.
If you visit the “London Eye” you don’t should fear to heights. Is a exciting place. Definitely I have to go there if I travel to London.
Other amazing place is the “Kew Garden”. Also of beautiful landscape, they have sites of conservation for help to prevent the climate change. Too, it houses the earth’s largest and most diverse botanicals collections.
I think than I need more of a week for to know all this places, above all, those one with free pass. And I don’t know than more I can say for complete the 250 words.

Is beautiful be a child!

When a was a child I liked play many games in team. In the school, with my classmates played at “Las Chapitas”. This game was of to build a tower with beverage caps.  Had two team. One was to build the tower and protect it, and the other team was destroy the tower with a ball of tennis.  

Everyone could play. And with many people was very funny. We played all the break. Just rang the bell for the break, we ran to win the yard of the school.

In my home, I was more old than the other children, so I was running games. We played games like “Alto Ahí!!”. For this game, we had a ball (of soccer or volleyball) and one kids throws high the ball saying a name (should be really name or name of country or name of fruit), and the boy named, he should catch the ball and say “Alto ahí!”. Then everyone stop of run, and the boy try “burn” to somebody with the ball.  

The girl or boy burned, lost one life. Was two or three.

And when I was Scout, I liked play  “Acecho”. It was like “las escondidas” but at night and in the nature. Generally in the forest, where had many trees and was very dark. But I chose good hiding places and almost never found me.

Is very beautiful be child, without big problems, and occupations. Just, play with other children and discover the meaning of friendship. I have very good friends of those year, yet.

The Greatest Chilean

I think than Violeta Parra was a visionary person. She had a hard life, but very interesting too. Besides being a great composer of famous songs like "Thanks to Life" “Gracias a la Vida”, “Arauco tiene una pena”,  “Casamiento de Negros” or “Run run se fue pa’l norte” y “Arriba quemando el sol” she was a great artist.
She was involve in the teather world too. In 1943 she joined to an a company of teather called “Violeta de Mayo” and to traveled for all Chile. Won poetry and singing contest. She worked in circus folk too.
In 1955, she received the award Folklorist Best of Year. In 1958 she founded in Concepción the National Museum of Chilean Folk Art.
When she had hepatitis, developed other of her skills and builder beautiful looms. Then, she exhibited his work in the firs fair outdoor of arts in the Parque Forestal.
In april of 1964 she exposes the burlap, oil painting and sculptures in wire in the Museum of Decoratives Art  in the Palace of Louvre.
In 1965 installed in the commune of La Reina a cultural center called “La carpa de la Reina”  very famous, because also, here was where she died.
I would have liked to visit all these places when Violeta lived. She is a great inspiration. We, like chilean we should to know to much about this wonderful woman and she have all my admiration and respect.
She is the great chilean, together to Victor Jara, of who I will talk in other opportunity.-

martes, 26 de octubre de 2010

I would be like Ricardo Astorga

Uuuuu!! I think than one of my dreams is can be anthropologist and to travel around the world, for to know differents cultures, mistics and legendary.  I really would like it because I love to travel, and I would be happy with my backpack  in shoulder. I think I would enjoy this job, cause I like the nature and I think I have empathy with the different people. Also, is interesting to me to learn new languajes and other life forms. But just I would be satisfied if I can to do something for those comunities. I would like to work with my knowledge and experience of field to improve the life of the people.
I know one person than devote his time to this: Ricardo Astorga. I hate him!!!
Other job than I really would like, is to be actress or theater director. But, the way of theater is very difficult in Chile, cause if you don’t have money, the things are very sad, cause you depend of many factor for can be have money. However, is a wonderfull job. I would like to teach theatre to the child, or anybody who want to learn.  I know many people than spend his time in this and they are great people. I feel than this is a process for to learn and for to teach.
And, the true is than I feel than in some moment of my life I will be actress or I could to teach to many people some techniques than I have learned in my short life.

lunes, 25 de octubre de 2010

I would like to know to Bono

I think than I would like meet to Paul David Hewson. He is know like Bono. He is very important person. Is musician of Irish band U2. Really is the voice of group and he is a fascinating person.  Also of singer Bono is political activist, especially for the people of African continent and for every country with external debt. He’s an admirable person. Has been working with International Amnesty, Greenpeace, Free Burma, The Chernobyl Children's Project, The One Campaign, and other noble causes.
Really, I don’t know what I ask him if someday I have in front. I should confess than Bono is my platonic love. Also of intelligent, talented, and good singer, is very handsome to me, and I dream with to be one of the girls than get up to stage in one concert of U2.
But, seriously speaking, if I meet him face to face, maybe I would ask him, if he really believes than the things can change, and how. Because, for me, everything starting for the political view, and this is very difficult to achieve.
I would like to know if we have the same point of view. One thing than cause me curious, I would ask him: What did you talk about with the president in the visit of different countries? What thing caught your attention of the government? And what do you felt when you went nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize?  Should be very exciting.
And, well, finally I think than I would ask one kiss.

You're going to reap just what you sow.

Hello classmates!

Well, I think than I have had perfect days, but still I have things to do. I have confess than is very difficult to have just one perfect day, but if I try, I think, first: one sunny day and outdoors, can be beach, green forest or mountain, and desert too. Any way. I think in my fiancé, in my friends and my family, but I believe than I should have a day for each, because the time for family is different than the time for friend. But, I would like don’t have nothing what to do. My mind free and quiet.  I would like to do a play with my friends and for my friend and family. After, to share a good food with a good wine and a interesting conversation, of those I have with my friends. And at night, a starry sky, a bonfire, with a guitar, drums, and other instruments, friends and many people with good vibes. 

I believe than the perfect day can be anywhere, just matters the good company, and this can be even somebody unknown.

But, with the “Perfect Day” of Lou Read, I remember the film “Trainspotting” and those scene isn’t very funny. In fact, is very sad. This film is very interesting, it show many paradoxes and the lamentable reality of the modern world.

Anyway, I think than the more important is the present. With them you're going to reap just what you sow. For this, just we must deal of to live the best moment today, for we have good memories tomorrow.


If a foreigner tourist visit Santiago of Chile, he shoul know many interesting place.
First, he can walk for the Parque Forestal. Is a baeutiful place in the middle of Santiago. The parque Bustamante is very nice too.
Other place interestin is the Cerro San Cristobal and Cerro Santa Lucía. The cerro San Cristobal is know as the Parque Metropolitano of Santiago. This measure 880 msnm and you can have a wonderfull view, above all if is a sunny day. Also, this hill have a zoo. Is very fanny.
The hill Santa Lucía formelly called “cerro Welén” than mean in mapudungún “pain, sadness, melancholy”. Is a beautiful place. In his peak have a structure like a castle because was used like a gazebo.
A natural place around Santiago is Aculeo lagoon. This is in the south of the city and here we can swimming, fishing and a camsite.
Some urban places interesting are La Piojera bar, El Hoyo restaurant, the Lastarria neirborhood, the Santa Lucía fair, the Café Brasil in the Cumming street or the square Basil, in the street Basil. Here is the Galpón Victor Jara. Is a place of meeting with the national music (and international too, but above all national music).
In La Piojera bar and El Hoyo restaurant, a foreinger can know important part of the Guachaca culture. He should drink a Terremoto. Is very deliciuos. Is made of pipeño whit pineaple ice cream.
So, the top five are:
·         The Santa Lucía and San Cristobal hill, because are beautiful places, and you can do it sport
·         The Aculeo Lagoon, because is the main ecological reserve en the metropolitan region.
·         La piojera bar, cause is a unmissable place
·         The Lastarria neiborhood bacause there are many alternatives for drink and eat. Also is a beautiful place
·         And Parque Forestal, becouse is a lung on the city.